Poker Tables – Taking Down First in Sit-N-Go’s

At the poker tables, you will find many loose, tight, and aggressive players. When you first start out playing Sit-N-Go’s you will realize how many maniacs are out there at the poker tables. What a maniac is, is a term coined to mean a poker player that will push all in at the beginning of the online poker tournament in hopes to double up. When playing Sit-N-Go’s, you will often find it 90% of the time that you have at least 3 MANIACS at your poker table every time.

Maniacs can be the most profitable opponents, especially in Sit-N-Go’s because 3 maniacs usually go all in every time and they knock each other out at the beginning of the Sit-N-Go. After they knock each other out there is sometimes 6 players left in the Sit-N-Go out of 9 and you can just hold off 3 other players and cruise into the money. As you know with Sit-N-Go’s there is usually 9 players at the table and the top 3 always make the money. The payout structure is as follows:

1st place = 50% of prize pool

2nd place = 30% of prize pool

3rd place = 20% of prize pool

The best poker tip I could offer you is play extremely tight the first 20-30 hands of a Sit-N-Go and DO NOT go all in unless you have AA or KK. Let the maniacs knock each other out. When they do, you are just 3 spots away from doubling your money. At the poker tables, playing tight is right, and once it is down to 4 or 5 players you need to transition your game into playing more aggressive. The more aggressive you play, the better chance you have in building your chip stack to take down first place. You should definitely aim at first place every time as opposed to just third. If you go into each Sit-N-Go saying you just want to make the money, you may get blinded out and have to push with a terrible hand just because you are getting the right odds. You need to establish your poker table image and build your chip stack enough to take down first place. If you sit on your poker chips, many players will take advantage of you when they notice this. They will bluff the heck out of you, and you will fall victim to their play. You need to stand up for yourself and show them who is boss. The worst feeling in the world is sitting on your chips near the bubble and forced to go in with a mediocre hand and get beat. Play your game, don’t worry about making the money when you’re down to just 4 players. Remember AGGRESSIVE at the end and TIGHT in the beginning. The main reason behind playing tight in the beginning is just so the maniacs will be knocked out of the way. Texas holdem is an extremely profitable game if you have patience and learn how to switch your games at different stages of the Sit-N-Go.

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